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Top Tip

Baby Steps Away

Take baby steps when trying to come off social media as it can be an addiction like smoking.

Top Tip

Watch For Patterns

Be vigilant. If something is upsetting you, STOP! Try to learn what will distress you.

Top Tip

Pilot Your Phone

“Airplane mode has personally helped as I used to follow a lot of people and over half of my followers didn’t have interest in me. Now I put on airplane mode and get great sleep.”

Top Tip

Don’t Like Likes!

Don’t worry about likes or take value from likes.

Top Tip

Don’t Like? Don’t Follow.

Unfollow people you know make you feel bad

Top Tip

Post The Good Times And The Bad!

Remember you have a highlight reel as well – post the good times and the bad.

Top Tip

Out Of Reach

Put phone at other end of room at bedtime so you won’t go on it.

Top Tip

Mute Don’t Block

Try to mute people instead of blocking to avoid confrontation.

Top Tip

Be Inspired!

Follow inspirational people and this will lead to more inspirational feeds.

Top Tip

Keep A Balance

For every 30 mins of social do a 10 minute walk outside or something mindful.

Top Tip

Out Of Sight…

Take rests/breaks from screens/social media throughout the day. Hide your phone if you need to!

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