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Since I was very small, I have suffered from all kinds of mental health problems.

I’ve had anxiety all throughout my life and depression came along during that time.

Because of that, I isolated myself from everyone, and became the shy girl of every school I attended, or got called “the mute girl” as I never spoken to anyone.

That happened through both Primary and High school time, and then I decided to make social media for myself. It was my escape from the horrible world and how I saw it, which went from a normal thing to an addiction, where I would be sitting around all night talking to people that I met online.

Eventually I felt more and more anxious and depressed, which led to loneliness too. I felt empty and unwanted, as I felt that I couldn’t be social with anyone, not even online as there was no real life interaction.

However, eventually I met new people in high school and became friends with them, and with that came along opportunities to volunteer and be in different kinds of roles in school, but also be in various groups with many fun responsibilities. 

During that time, my mental health improved and I was no longer the shy mute girl. I volunteered and met new people, and explored more places and learned new skills along the way. I still can’t believe how far I am from where I was before. If I met my younger self, apart from the appearance, I don’t think I would believe that that’s who I am now. 


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