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Experts are still researching what effects too much screentime can have on you.

But one thing we do know is that screentime should be balanced with doing other things.

Research has shown that spending too much time on our devices can sometimes lead to problems with our physical and mental health.

This is because you are being less social and not as active as you could be. And even though you love being on your phone or playing games, it can leave you feeling low. It can mean you don’t get enough sleep or exercise, and that can affect your mental health too.

It’s not about giving up screens altogether. It’s about making sure that you do other things as well. And just using your device for the things you really need it for.

Staying Still

If you spend all the time watching screens sitting on your bed or on the sofa, your body isn’t going to get enough physical exercise. Getting active can help your mental health because it releases chemicals within your body which make you feel good.

There are some great websites and apps out which can help you to stay active.

Screentime doesn’t have to mean sitting down time.

Laptop, tablet and phone sitting on a table.


Looking at your screen before bed can stop you from being able to fall asleep as quickly or as deeply as you normally would. Your screen gives off blue light, and that can stop your body producing something called Melatonin as quickly as it normally would.

Melatonin is what makes your body relax and start to fall asleep. So if you don’t get it as quickly, you’re going to be awake longer. And that’s going to leave you feeling tired and maybe even grumpy. And it’ll be harder for you to focus on what you are doing.

Content Control

When you are online you don’t always have control over what you see. You might watch a video or see a news story that upsets you. Or you could read comments on social media that you don’t like or have something said to you when you’re gaming.

All of these can have a negative impact on your mental health. Sometimes without you even realising.

How Screentime Can Affect Your Mental Health

How Screentime Can Affect Your Mental Health


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