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You’re just playing your favourite game, right? It’s helping you escape your day and relax. But are you playing it too much?

Videogame addiction is a real mental health condition and can have a big impact on your life. Games can be great fun, but you need to balance playing them with other things.

What Changes?

Being addicted to gaming means playing games for a really long time. And maybe not realising how long you have been playing for. But it isn’t just about how much time it takes up, it’s about how it affects the rest of your life too.

When you are playing games, you might be playing with your friends, but that’s not the same as speaking to someone in person.

“Screens make me feel lazy and I don’t like it. Almost none of my friends come out anymore so I can’t see them. I probably play outside with them once a month.” Tyler, aged 10

Gaming for too long can leave you feeling sad, and your mood might change very quickly. You might find that you get angry quicker than you used to, or that you’re getting less sleep than you need. You’re also more likely to snack, eating unhealthy foods that are quick and easy, and give you a short energy boost.

You might even find that you are spending all the money that you have on buying games or extra items in your favourite game. Or asking someone to buy them for you.

Take A Time Out

There are millions of gamers all around the world, playing on their phones, consoles and computers. Most don’t have a gaming addiction. But it is still good for you to put the controller down and do something different. Get outside, do some exercise, or listen to music.

Top tip

“If you can, my advice is to gradually go on your screens less and spend more time outside. It’s healthier for you, it keeps you fit and it’s fun to be with your friends!” Sarah, aged 10

Set yourself a time limit as to how long you are going to play each day. It will help you focus on what you want to play, and what you are going to do in your game. But it will also make sure that you don’t game more than you should.

Or why not set yourself a challenge and reward yourself with gaming if you manage it? You could decide you are going to do half an hour of exercise, and if you complete it, you get half an hour gaming.

Addicted To Gaming

Addicted To Gaming


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