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You’ll have heard about some of the negative effects social media can have on your mental health. From creating a fear of missing out to being bullied, there are definitely things you need to be wary off when you are on social media.

But social media can also help your mental health if used properly.

Being Part Of Something

Social media is all about communicating with other people. It might be the friends that you have at school. Or it could be a local sports group that you have found. Or a group of people who all like the same music as you.

Whatever the reason for speaking to each other on social media, being part of a community is great for your mental health. And can stop any feelings of loneliness that you may have.

It’s Not Just You

It’s far too easy to think that it is just you who is feeling the way you feel. Or who has the condition which you do.

But a quick search on social media is likely to prove that isn’t the case. You’ll probably find that others are thinking very similar things to you. Or there may be an online group where people support each other having been through what you are currently going through. And they can be hugely valuable because you realise that it isn’t just you.

Inspiring A Healthy Lifestyle

When you’re looking at what people have posted online, you have to stop to think about whether it is a true reflection of their life. People tend to post when they have done something positive, not when they are feeling or looking rubbish. That can create a false impression and sometimes put pressure on you to be the same.

But it can also sometimes be inspiring too. Maybe someone has posted a healthy recipe that you want to try. Or shared an exercise that you think doesn’t look too daunting. Or perhaps it’s a new look that you think might suit you.

Try to take the positive from posts. It’ll help you focus to achieve the goals you set.

Improving Your Mental Health Through Social Media

Improving Your Mental Health Through Social Media


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