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Giving your friends a video call is a great way to keep in touch.

And it’s not just for chatting to our pals. We also use it for things like learning from home.

Speaking to someone on video chat isn’t the same as doing it in person though. There are some things that work better, and some that definitely don’t!

Here’s our list of three things we love about videochats, and three things we’re not so keen on.

The Good

Talking Near and Far

One of the great things about videochat is that it doesn’t matter where the person you are chatting to lives. As long as they can connect to the internet, they could be living next door or on the other side of the world! So it’s great for catching up with family who don’t live close by or friends who might have moved away.

Sharing Is Good

The fact you can see your friends on videochat also means you can show them things. It could be a new book that you are reading or maybe your favourite piece of clothing. It may not be as good as having them in front of you in person, but it’s the next best thing.

Group Chat

Videochats aren’t just about chatting to one person. You can chat to a whole group of your friends. Or maybe even take part in an online activity with a few other people. You can all appear on-screen together, and if you are tired of waiting your turn to speak, use the chat to say what you want to.

The Not So Good

Poor Signals

Chatting to our friends on video is great. But it’s really frustrating if the technology lets you down. If your wi-fi or broadband signal isn’t good, or you run out of data, that’s the end of your video chat. The same is true if your phone or laptop runs out of battery.

Who Goes First?

The short delay in the video signal arriving to you can cause a lot of problems. People accidentally talk at the same time, then apologise, then there is an awkward silence when nobody knows who to go first. Sure, that can happen in real life at times as well, but not as often.

Talking Yourself Tired

Being on videochats is more tiring than talking to someone in person. How many times have you finished a call and felt exhausted. Plus you have also probably stayed still for most of the chat, and your body needs to move. Speaking to someone in person means you can go for a walk or do exercise at the same time.

Want to know how to make your videochats better? Check out our tips in the link below!

Make Videochats Better

Making Videochats Better

Video Chats – The Good and The Bad

Video Chats – The Good and The Bad


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