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Have you ever stopped to think about how many devices you have? Or guessed how many you look at each day?

You might have a phone or a tablet or computer at home. There’s probably a TV in your house. When you go to school, college, university or work you may look at screens.

Already that’s quite a lot!

Keep It Balanced

It’s hard not to look at screens because they are everywhere. And they can be really fun and helpful.

But they can also distract you from other things. They can stop you getting exercise, make you snack on sugary foods or drinks, and at times even make you feel down.

Tablet with keyboard, mobile phone, ear pods and mouse.

It’s good to take a break from screens every so often. Try doing something different, like hanging out with friends, doing some exercise, or reading a book.

Tips for managing screen time:

  • Try the Pomodoro technique! For every 25 minutes of screen time, take a 5-minute break. Set a timer and then get up and move for 5 minutes, or get a drink of water. Just make sure you are not looking at a screen. After four rounds of 25 minutes, take a longer break. Use the long break to get outside, do a workout, or make a healthy snack.
  • Try leisure activities that do not involve a screen. Do you have any artistic hobbies? Why not do some reading for pleasure? Get creative!
  • Set boundaries. Make sure your mornings and evenings are work free. Sit down for your dinner at night and do something non-screen related before bed.

Try the screen count today, and see if you think you’ve got too many in your life!

Screens All Around!

Screens All Around!


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