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You've got five minutes spare before heading out. Do you:

  • Call a friend on WhatsApp

  • Visit YouTube

  • Play a song on your phone

  • Tidy your room

Disaster hits. But what's happened?

  • It's raining outside.

  • You've watched all your fave show.

  • Your phone is out of battery.

  • You've not had time to exercise.

What is your favourite time of the week?

  • The start of the weekend.

  • The start of a long gaming session.

  • The end of the school day.

  • When I can chat to friends online.

What is the first thing you grab before you go out?

  • Your phone.

  • Your wallet

  • Your headphones.

  • A snack.

It's bedtime. What's the last thing you do?

  • Brush your teeth.

  • Read a book on Kindle.

  • Check social media.

  • Watch TV in bed.

How much do you love screentime?

You got out of 20
You're Addicted!
Pile of devices

A bit of screentime can be a great thing. But taking a break can too. It might be time to do something away from a screen too? It’ll be there when you come back!

You got out of 20
Screen Guilt?
Pile of devices

You use screens a lot, and even though you do other things too, you perhaps feel a bit guilty about how much time you look at a screen. Don’t worry! Just make sure you keep that balance.

You got out of 20
You've Got This!
Pile of devices

You like your screentime, but it sounds like there are other things you are interested in too. A good balance is the key, mixing time online with other things. Great work!

You got out of 20
Screen Free.
Pile of devices

Sounds like you don’t use screens much at all. Being in the real world is much more your style, and you prefer to do everything in person. Nice job!

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