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Do you love gaming?

Here’s our handy hints for making sure you stay safe and healthy while you are gaming. They don’t stop you having fun, but they can let you game with more confidence.

Take A Break

Just one more game! The press of a button is all it takes. But make sure that you are taking a break every so often so that you can get up and move about. Maybe get a drink or a healthy snack. Or go and talk to someone. Taking a break will make you feel better.

Then can jump back in, refreshed and ready to win!

Username Only

If you have to sign up to play, make sure you use a made-up username, not your real name. Don’t give out any personal details when you are playing, especially if you are up against people you don’t know.

Try to come up with something that you are going to remember. But don’t include your real name or other personal details.

Stick To Speaking To Friends.

Playing against random people you don’t know is one thing. Talking to them is something very different.

Only speak to people you know when you are gaming, and mute anyone who isn’t on your friends list.

Person playing a game on a mobile phone.

Be careful what you say – was it mean?

Getting bullied when you are gaming is something you want to avoid. But so is accidentally bullying someone yourself.

It’s easy to get excited when playing a game and shout at your friends. But are you thinking about what you are saying? Could you have upset them without realising?

Stop before you speak.

Report if you need to

Avoid the gaming griefers, who focus on individual players to stop them playing properly, or ignore them altogether, so they don’t feel part of the game.

If you find yourself being bullied by someone online, or if they are asking you to meet them or for personal details, make sure you report them. Game systems such as Xbox Live and PlayStation Now allow you to tell Microsoft and Sony that someone is worrying you, and they’ll step in to take a look.

Read more about gaming safely:

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Gaming Safely

Gaming Safely


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