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There are a few different ways that you can calm yourself down when you feel stressed, angry or anxious.

You could go for a walk, talk it through with someone, or do some exercise.

But one that you can probably do quickly and easily is to listen to music. It might be your favourite song. Or maybe you have a playlist of calm songs. Or even listen to some nature sounds, like waves crashing on a beach or the falling rain.

Find Your Tune

You could have songs on your phone or have access to a streaming platform. Video sites like YouTube show music videos too, and you can search for something relaxing.

Listening to music slows your heart rate, your breathing, and your blood pressure.

Beats headphones lying on a table

Music also helps your body to produce what is called ‘seratonin’. It makes your body relax, calms down your stress, and can even relieve physical pain.

Listening to relaxing music before you go to bed can calm you and help you sleep better. So why not listen to a song or two before you start to get ready for bed?

Music To Relax

Music To Relax


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