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If you feel you have a lot to do or find you are distracted, you probably won’t want to go to bed. There are other things you’d rather be doing.

Or perhaps there is something on your mind which is stopping you from sleeping. It could be something that you are worried about, or thoughts that won’t stop buzzing around in your head.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is more important than you think it is. And it’s not just about giving your body enough rest so that it can recharge and repair.

Your brain needs to sleep as well. You do a lot of thinking in a normal day (although sometimes it may not feel like it!), and your brain needs some down time.

Experts believe that while you are sleeping, your brain is sorting out all the things that you’ve seen and done during that day. It helps you to learn and means that you can keep memories of all the fun things you’ve done.

More sleep can help improve not just your concentration, but also your creativity. It also reduces stress and looks after your mental health.

And it means your body will fight illness better too. Your body will be stronger, and be able to fend off colds and other bugs.

Plus, you won’t want to snack a lot because you are tired, and not snacking at night will make you feel better too.

Hot drink on a table near a bed.

The Five Stages

There are five stages of sleep:

Stage One – you feel a bit drowsy and can still be woken up by noises.

Stage Two – a slightly deeper sleep, when your body starts to slow down.

Stage Three – an even deeper sleep, where people sometimes sleep talk or sleep walk!

Stage Four – so deep a sleep that if you wake up, it’s going to take you a few minutes to work out where you are.

Stage Five – R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement). The deepest sleep, and this is where you dream!

Why Is Sleep Important?

Why Is Sleep Important?


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