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We know that exercise can make you feel better. But did you know that what you eat could also affect your mental health?

Eating more healthily can help improve your mood, make you think more clearly, and give you more energy.

It’s easy to get distracted if you are watching something or playing a game. Sometimes that means you’ll choose the quick, less healthy snack. But it isn’t hard to make sure you stay healthy.

Don’t Miss Meals

Making sure you are getting regular meals can also make a big difference to how you feel. Breakfast, lunch and dinner give you the fuel you need for your day. And the healthier those meals are, the better you are going to feel.

Snack Attack

If you stop for a minute to grab a snack while you are chatting to your friends online, you might choose something that is sugary, to get a boost of energy. But that boost isn’t going to last long, and then you’ll be back to where you started, feeling tired.

Get yourself a healthy snack, and you’ll feel better for longer. Your mind and your body will thank you.

Top Up Your Glass

If you are feeling thirsty a lot, you might be dehydrated. It means that you haven’t drunk enough fluids. That can make it hard for you to concentrate on things and cause you to feel sleepy.

Two glasses of water

It’s recommended that you try to have 5-8 glasses of water each day. Other drinks like juices, smoothies, tea and coffee do count. But if they have a lot of sugar in them, they won’t be as good for you. And water is free!

Put your device down to keep your glass topped up.

Eat Good, Feel Good

Eating unhealthily and sitting around on your phone or console isn’t a great combination. It means you are going to be less active, and your body won’t be able to get what it needs to stay fit.

You may put on weight, and that could have make you feel worse not just physically, but mentally as well.

Give yourself a balance of spending time online with doing other things, with plenty of water and healthy food in between.

Read more about healthy eating and mental health:

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