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Body image is how we think and feel about our body, and how we think it looks.

It is important to recognise that you are more than what you look like. This is known as ‘good body image’. You need to accept not only what your body looks like, but also value what it can do.

Don’t Pressure Yourself

Good body image isn’t about loving your body all the time. Different times or experiences will mean that how you think about your body will change. That’s natural.

So it’s okay if you feel like you are struggling with your body image sometimes.

Far From ‘Perfect’

We are often surrounded by images of the ‘ideal body’. From fashion adverts to social media, you’ll see a lot of people who look ‘perfect’. And that could leave you feeling negatively about yourself if you can’t relate to it.

Shadow hand pointing at person

Remember that in a lot of cases these images are altered to make them look better, and what you are seeing isn’t realistic. You are in control of what you see – if something is having a negative impact, unfollow or stop looking at the profile or site.

It’s Your Right

What your body does for you is unique to you, and you alone. It deserves to be loved, and nobody should have the power to take that away from you.

Celebrate yourself and who you are.

What Is Good Body Image?

What Is Good Body Image?


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