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There’s nothing wrong with spending time on your phone. Or watching your favourite TV show. Or even playing your favourite game. But the best way to keep healthy is to do those things, alongside doing other things that don’t involve screens.

Give your body the break it needs from your screen, and you’ll feel better physically and mentally. Here are just a few of the things you could do to make sure you keep that balance.

Get Your Body Working

Head outside, do some exercise or play sport with your friends. By getting your body moving, you’ll give your body and mind a proper workout, which it will thank you for.

Top tip

“If you can, my advice is to gradually go on your screens less and spend more time outside. It’s healthier for you, it keeps you fit and it’s fun to be with your friends!” Sarah, aged 10

Use Your Creativity

Why not step away from the screen and get creative. You could pick up pencils or a pen and try some drawing. Or pick up a brush and do some painting. Play or create some music. Write a story or your journal. Or even bake something for you and your family to enjoy. Whatever creative skills you prefer, put them to good use.

Fire Up Your Brain

Picking up a book or magazine and losing yourself in it is a great way to forget your screen for a little while. It’ll help calm your mind as you focus on what you are reading, and can help inspire your creativity too.

“Every now and then I do use a screen but I am a little bit obsessed with reading which means I read quite a lot and then I get caught up with reading and I end up not doing anything much else except drawing or sitting in my garden.” Emili, aged 11

Get Organised

From cleaning your room to getting your work done to planning your week ahead, taking some time away from the screen to help get yourself organised is a great idea. It means you’ll be ready for whatever you have planned, and get rid of any worries you might have about them.

Hang Out With Friends

Or why not just try the simplest one of all and go and see your friends in real life, rather than online? You’ll both have fun seeing each other, and there is nothing like chatting with your favourite people face to face.

Top tip

“With your friends or family, make a list of things you would like to do together that don’t involve screens. Set aside time to get outside, play board games, watch movies, do sports and activities such as crafting and cooking together.” Screen Savers

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