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It's the first day of your holidays. What's the first thing you do?

  • Grab your bike and head out.

  • Listen to music.

  • Beat your mates at FIFA.

  • Finish your book.

You've been saving your money, but what for?

  • A vinyl record you've wanted for ages.

  • New wheels for your skateboard.

  • Fortnite skins.

  • Stuff to make a present for your friend.

What's your favourite time of the week?

  • Monday - new week, new start!

  • Evenings so I can hang with my friends.

  • Any day it isn't raining.

  • The weekend, all the way.

Your friend has fallen out with you. But why?

  • You beat their personal best at running.

  • You lost their favourite notebook.

  • Are you kidding? You don't fall out with people!

  • You put them in a TikTok and posted it without telling them.

If you could on holiday, you'd choose:

  • Somewhere you could lie on a beach.

  • Skiing in the snow.

  • Doesn't matter as long as your mates go too.

  • Anywhere you can take loads of pictures.

Which offline activity suits you best?

You got out of 20
Speeding Around
Shoes on skateboard

You love to be doing fast, exciting things. The grass certainly doesn't grow under your feet!

You got out of 20
Get Creative
Person painting

You love to do anything that let's your creative side out. Show people what you can do.

You got out of 20
There's No I In Team
Friends hanging out

You love being part of a group. You don't mind what you do as long as it is with your friends.

You got out of 20
Book Some Time
Girl reading book

Any spare time, you like to relax as much as you can. Give you a good book and you are happy.

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