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Had a bad day? Feeling angry and stressed?

Try some of these.

Just Breathe

It’s something you do every day. But a few really deep breaths can have a big effect on calming you down. It forces your heart rate and blood pressure to slow down.

Breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Try rolling your shoulders up and down as well.

The great thing is that it can be done anywhere, so try to do it every so often to keep yourself relaxed. There are even apps that can show you how to time your breathing.

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Step Away From Your Tech

Technology can be a great thing. It allows you to do so much, from keeping in touch with friends to playing games.

But sometimes it can be stressful. Maybe your phone won’t stop buzzing with notifications. Or perhaps you’ve been watching videos a little too long.

Try turning off or moving into another room from your technology. Give yourself a break from it, and you’ll find yourself relax, especially if you find something else to do instead.

Write It Down

Sometimes it feels like you can’t switch your brain off. You are thinking about lots of things all at once. Or maybe there’s one thing that is worrying you a lot.

It can help to write it down. Get a pen and paper, and write down how you feel. It could be as a journal. Or a list of things. Or maybe you want to draw it out.

Whatever works for you, it will take some of what you are worried about from your head, and make you think clearer.

Get Creative

Taking time to be creative can help your mental health and make you feel calmer.

Whether you play a musical instrument, draw, paint, or anything else, get creative to relax.

Head Outside

Getting out into the fresh air wakens you up, but it can also help you to be more mindful. It opens your senses to different sounds, smells and sights. Especially if you live near nature.

So put down your phone and head outside, and take sometime to notice the things that are around you.

Tune In

Music is a great way to help you calm down. It focuses our minds and lets worries slip away.

Stick your headphones to get lost in your music or to really hear what is going on in your favourite song. Or turn it up and dance along!

Get Active

Physical exercise can shake off stress and anxiety because your brain focuses on working your body harder, rather than what is worrying you.

It can also make sure you sleep better at night, which means you’ll be better prepared to deal with things.

How To Relax

How To Relax


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