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You’ve got your test/exam score. What’s the first thing you do?

  • Ask your friends their score.

  • Study for your next test or exam.

  • Share your score with your family.

  • Relax by doing something creative.

How do you like to listen to music?

  • Headphones all the way.

  • Listening party with my friends.

  • On repeat.

  • By listening to lots of new things.

What's your favourite website to visit?

  • Anything where I can watch video.

  • Ones that make me laugh.

  • A site where I can chat to my friends.

  • Anywhere I can play games.

Which is your favourite gadget?

  • My phone/tablet.

  • My games console.

  • My laptop.

  • My headphones

What's your favourite snack?

  • A share pack of anything chocolate.

  • Homemade pizza where I've picked the toppings.

  • Anything I can eat on the move.

  • Something I've never had before.

Which online activity suits you best?

You got out of 20
Get Surfing
Person typing on keyboard

You love finding out new info or trying out new things. You use your screentime to explore.

You got out of 20
Get Gaming
PlayStation Controllers

You have a competitive streak, but also like teaming up with your friends. Time to play.

You got out of 20
Get Making
Coloured pencils

You've clearly got a creative side to you. Have you tried making a short film or your own podcast?

You got out of 20
Get Chatting
Friends Chatting

You love to be online with your friends, catching up with everything they've been up to.

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