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Top Tip

Let Music Soothe You

Play soothing music before you go to sleep to help you wind down. “I take in my phone in at nighttime but it’s only to put relaxing music on. And my phone will set itself down when the music finishes. It’s normally on for ten hours and will turn itself off when it’s finished.” Abbie, age 10. “It can help with a lot of things. You can use it for music which helps me concentrate and get a lot more stuff done than usual.”

Top Tip

Make Time For Friends

Make time for friends. Hang out with friends outside in nature.

Top Tip

Calm Your Brain

Try meditation, yoga or go for a walk once you’ve switched off your phone so you can switch off properly before sleeping.

Top Tip

Get Board Together!

Play a board game with family and friends before you go to sleep, so everyone can switch off together.

Top Tip

Eat Together Regularly

Try to set time for a family dinner every week (at least once).

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