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If you feel you have a lot to do or find you are distracted, you may not feel like going to bed. But sleep is more important than you think it is. And it’s not just about giving your body enough a rest so it can recharge and repair.

“Well, you need your sleep because it gives you energy for the next day. If you’re staying on your phone longer, you’re not going to have much energy for the next day.” Callum, age 11

Your brain needs to sleep as well. You do a lot of thinking in a normal day (although sometimes it may not feel like it!), and your brain needs some down time.

Experts think that as you sleep, your brain sorts out all the things that you’ve seen and done that day. It helps you to learn and saves your memories of the day. More sleep can help improve your concentration and creativity. It also reduces stress and looks after your mental health.

And it means your body will fight illness better too. Plus, you won’t want to snack a lot because you are tired, and not snacking at night will make you feel better too.

“Let’s say you’re on your phone until 1am. You fall asleep and then, in the morning, you’ll not be able to get up and you’ll be late for school. Even if you do get to school, you’ll probably fall asleep or you’ll be very sleepy.” Zeynep, age 10

Why Is Sleep Important?

Why Is Sleep Important?


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