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How much sleep you need is going to be different for each person. Usually it is somewhere between eight and twelve hours, but what you need and what others need might not be the same.

Not Yourself

If you don’t manage to get enough sleep, it can leave you not only feeling really tired, but grumpy and a bit fed up. You might not feel like yourself and be a bit low. How much sleep you get can really affect your mental health, and the way you cope with things.

It’s going to make concentrating harder too, because you can’t focus on things as well as you could if you’d slept well. Your concentration will be lower than it normally is.

“You need your sleep because it gives you energy for the next day. If you’re staying on your phone longer, you’re not going to have much energy for the next day.” Callum, age 11

No Sleep, More Snacks

Not getting enough sleep can also make a difference to what you eat. When you are tired, your body needs more energy, and might mean that you choose unhealthy foods with lots of sugar to make you feel better. It can also make you think that you want to eat more than you need to.

More sleep can also help you build and keep a good immune system. It gives time for your body to repair and strengthen itself, and means you’ll be able to fight off nasty bugs.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

What Happens If You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?


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