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Using a screen before you go to bed can stop you from falling asleep quickly.

Your phone or tablet gives out blue light, which makes your brain work more when, at night time, you want it to calm down.

But, looking at their phone is the last thing many people do before they go to sleep. For others, you end up gaming later than you meant to, and you go straight from your game to your bed, with your brain still buzzing. So how can you reduce your screentime before bed?

Get Into A Routine

Having a routine before you go to bed can help take away any worries or excitement before you sleep. Your body and mind will begin to relax as you go through the routine. Just make sure that you stop looking at screens before you start. So, turn on any alarm you need to first!

Sound Not Pictures

If you need something to distract you before you fall asleep, listen to a calming song or a podcast, instead of watching video. Listening to something can help reduce your heart rate. But a video does the opposite, waking your brain up.

Top tip

“Try Calm or Headspace, apps for meditation and yoga. I’d recommend them to anyone as they calm me down.” Austin, aged 9

Read A Book

Reading will calm your brain. It takes your mind off what you are thinking about. It can get rid of stress and help you feel more creative when you wake up after a good night’s sleep.

Top tip

“It’s better to take books to bed! Using screens and social media affects my sleep. When you’re watching your screen, if you don’t get tired watching it, you’ll stay up and get less sleep. If you read your book, your eyes will get tired and you’ll fall asleep.” Omima, aged 10

Leave Your Phone In The Other Room

Yep, it’s that simple. Try leaving your phone or tablet in another room in your house before you go to get ready for bed. By the time you remember and reach for it, you’ll be tucked up in bed. You could also turn it off to stop you quickly checking it.

Top tip

“Airplane mode has personally helped as I used to follow a lot of people and over half of my followers didn’t have interest in me. Now I put on airplane mode and get great sleep.” Screen Saver

How To Reduce Screentime Before Bed

How To Reduce Screentime Before Bed


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