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Physical activity is about getting people moving, and is a key part of keeping your body healthy.

A lot of people don’t get the exercise that they need. It’s something that you can do without any cost, and your phone or tablet will be there when you get back!

Pick Your Exercise

What you do will depend on what you feel comfortable with. Exercise can mean not sitting in the same position all the time. Or it could be dancing to your favourite song, going running or playing a sport. A combination of physical activity is best if you can.

Being active means you aren’t sitting around or lying down so much.

Person walking

Experts say that no matter what age you are, exercise is good for you. By getting moving, you can help yourself to have a healthier life, and be much happier as well.

For a start, it can lower your chances of being ill. Being active means you aren’t sitting around or lying down so much. And that means the muscles in your body get stronger. Which means your body will be healthier and less likely to make you ill. It can even make you live longer.

Your confidence could improve as well, because you’ll feel healthier. 

Tired But Happy

Exercising has been shown to leave you feeling much happier. It can help stop you feeling stressed, anxious, angry or depressed. You may feel exhausted after exercise, but you’ll feel much better for it.

You will fall asleep faster, and have a much better sleep if you do physical activity too. Your body will be naturally tired, and need the rest. Which will leave you feeling great the next day after a good night of sleep.

The Importance of Physical Health

The Importance of Physical Health


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