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It’s not always easy to get outside in Scotland. The weather sometimes makes it harder to motivate yourself to get out into the fresh air.

But there are lots of reasons for you to get up and head outside if you can. Even if it means leaving the TV behind for a wee while.

Top tip

“You can set a time limit for yourself to be on screens so you’re not on for too long. And then you can go outside and play more.” Abbie, aged 11

The Benefits

Getting outside encourages you to be more active. Just by getting up off the sofa or your bed, you are making your body move. And that’s good for it!

Whether you are going to visit friends, or maybe going to do some sport, your body will feel better from the exercise. Your muscles will enjoy the work out, and grow stronger. You’re also less likely to get ill, as your body will be more powerful than before.

The Great Outdoors

The same is true of getting out into nature. If you’ve got somewhere like a park, beach or hills nearby, exploring them is a great way to make your body and mind feel better.

On those days where Scotland gets some sunshine, you can make sure you give your body some serotonin. By getting out into the sun, your body will increase a hormone called serotonin, which can make you feel calmer and more focused.

But, Scotland often has four seasons in one day, so even if the sun is not shining, put on a jacket and enjoy an exhilarating walk outside. It can help to get rid of worries, stress and anxiety too, making you feel happier and healthier.

“Get active more and get outdoors!” Sophie, aged 10

The Benefits of Getting Outdoors

The Benefits of Getting Outdoors


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