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This set of links can help you find out more about how your mental and physical health could be affected by screentime, and how you can start to make positive changes.

BBC Own It logo

BBC Own It – Bullying and Trolling

The Own It site and app are designed to help you make the smart choices online, feel more confident, and know where to go for advice if you need it.

Abbie explains what she likes about the website: “It has a keyboard section where if you type something mean or personal information, you are told to stop. It helps you think about being nice to others and what kind of things might hurt others. I loved it because you get your own diary to journal in. I’d recommend this to everyone. Everyone will try to post a mean comment sometimes and that keyboard helps a lot. It’s helpful, pretty, easy to download.”

Jessica, age 11 says “If you’re typing something good, it will tell you and if you’re typing something bad it will tell you not to send it and to think about what about your typing. You can keep a diary or a chart of your emotions.”  

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No Panic Youth Hub – Anxiety

Find out about anxiety, phobias, OCD, panic attacks, and what you should do if you find yourself affected by any of them.

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Gaming Addiction to Coding Student: One boy’s story of taking control.

Watch the story of Sean, who found himself addicted to gaming. But after he realised the problem, he decided to do something about it. With the support of his family, Sean got over his addiction to gaming, and is now designing games for other people to play instead.

Anti-Bullying Pro logo

Anti Bullying Pro – Support Centre

Get advice and support on bullying, with tips from young people, parents/guardians, and professionals.

Read all about body image, and what to do if you are worried about how you look.

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Childline Deafzone – Bullying, Advice, Safety and the Law

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, Childline Deaf Zone has lots of advice and support for you in English and British Sign Language (BSL).

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BBC – Own It

Read how to tackle bullying and tackle hate online.

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, frustrated or worried about something, Headspace have some fantastic tips on things you can do to relax and make yourself feel better.

Links: I’m Worried About… Mental & Physical Health

Links: I’m Worried About… Mental & Physical Health


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