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Whether you need to relax, feel great or help make things better for yourself, these activities were here to help.

It’s sometimes hard to know how you feel. This test asks you questions to measure your wellbeing. You can take it every so often to see if anything has changed from the last time.

This site has lots of activities and tools to help you stay calm and stop you feeling stressed or anxious.

Build a tower made up of all the great things about you to build your confidence and leave you feeling great.

If you are feeling worried or stressed, write it all on the wall, decorate it, then knock the wall down to make your frustration disappear.

Your space to write and draw about how you feel. Use the Art Box to calm yourself down or help understand things a bit more.

Exercises for practising yoga, mindfulness and relaxation, not matter what age you are!

Headspace logo

Headspace – Meditation for Kids

Learn how to practice meditation to keep you calm.

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Go Noodle – Movement and Mindfulness

Get moving to stay mindful! This site has lots of videos to help you exercising to make you feel great.

Links: I’m Worried About – Helpful Activities

Links: I’m Worried About – Helpful Activities


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