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There are lots of benefits to exercise. And it doesn’t have to mean going to the gym. It can be a lot easier (and less expensive) than that.

And more fun!

Types of Exercise

There are two types of physical activity that you should try to do.

Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that makes you sweat, causes you to breathe harder, and makes your heart beat faster.

You should be trying to do at least 60 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. If it makes you breathe faster and feel warmer, it’s doing the job!

You could go for a walk, take a cycle, go swimming, or do a wheelchair workout.

Bike handlebars

The second type of exercise helps you to strengthen your muscles and bones. This could be playing sports such as football or basketball. Or you could do exercises like sit-ups or press-ups. Running is great, or dancing. And yoga are pilates are fantastic for making your body stronger.

Try to do different types of these kind of activities if you can. The more you do, the more muscles you will work in your body. And the fitter you’ll become.

How Much Physical Exercise Should I Be Getting?

How Much Physical Exercise Should I Be Getting?


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