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Staying active is really important. It keeps your body moving, builds your bones and muscles, and makes you less likely to get ill. But to stay active, you also need to have some energy! Eating a well-balanced diet gives you the fuel you need to get through your day, but also to get moving.

A Healthy Start

People often say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s because it makes sure that you have a good energy burst to get you going. So don’t skip it! Try things like fruit, yoghurt, or cereals that are wholegrain and high in fibre. The same goes for your toast – wholegrain is the best choice.

Get Your Protein

Try to have something with protein in it when you can. Protein helps your body to grow, stay healthy, and repair itself which is especially important after exercising. Things like beans, nuts, seeds, eggs and meat all have protein in them.

Eat The Rainbow

Your body needs natural vitamins and fibres, which you can get from fruit and vegetables. You might have heard of ‘five a day’, but another way to think of it is to try to ‘eat the rainbow’, so you are eating different coloured fruit and veg each day.

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