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How To Protect Your Data

What is data? Data is certain types of information that you might share online. You could have given your date of birth or where you… Read More

Get Active

Top tip “Don’t change who you are because the way you are is the best you! Be yourself. Be real!” Tyler, aged 10… Read More

Let Tech Help

Top tip “Use technology to keep fit. Use fitbits or smartwatches to monitor steps or heart rate. Set yourself a steps challenge.” Screen Savers… Read More

Learning Online

You might use screens a lot when you are studying when you’re at school or at home. But they can also be useful to learn… Read More

What is Mindfulness?

Life can be really busy at times. And that can put pressure on you and make you feel down sometimes. There are lots of things… Read More

Sharing Content

If you want to upload a video or a picture, or tell people what you think about something, it’s really easy to do.  But, it’s… Read More

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