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It’s important that you stop to think before you put anything online.

If you want to upload a video or a picture, or tell people what you think about something, it’s really easy to do.  All the things that you put online are known as your digital footprint. Think of it as a footprint on the sand – it shows where you have been and what you have done.

But could it be something that you decide later you didn’t want people to see? Or that you didn’t actually mean to post? Maybe you were stressed, angry or upset, and now that you have calmed down, it isn’t how you feel.

An Online Footprint

Your digital footprint is an online image of you. If people look you up online, they will make an opinion of who you are by the things that you have posted, or have been posted about you.

While it’s easy to put something online, it isn’t always easy to take it down. Even if you delete it, somebody might have taken a picture of it. Then they can share it online without asking you.

Instagram on phone

And do you remember all the things that you have posted? It may be that you have forgotten some that you don’t want people to see now. You liked it at the time, but now you are a bit older, it’s not so appropriate.

So, before you post, ask yourself if you really want to post it. If you wouldn’t share it with a friend in person, why are you doing it online?

There are lots of ways that you can make online content that is great fun and that you are happy with people seeing. Get creative!

Content Sharing and Creating During Lockdown

It is especially important to be responsible with your content during lockdown. Posting yourself breaking the rules, or posting and sharing misinformation is irresponsible. Use your platform to remind others of the rules and ensure you are not spreading harmful misinformation.

Sharing Content

Sharing Content


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