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Before being rebranded for an international market, TikTok's original name was:

  • Douyin

  • Lian Jie

  • Tiao Wu

  • Zuo

YouTube launched in which year?

  • 2004

  • 2005

  • 2006

  • 3007

In June 2021, the TikTok account with the most followers was:

  • Bella Poarch

  • Khabane Lame

  • Charlie D'Amelio

  • Addison Rae

What did the first ever tweet say?

  • how do I work this?

  • just setting up my twtter

  • can't get pics working

  • better than the Facebook

What image has the most likes ever on Instagram?

  • A picture from Ariana Grande's wedding.

  • Billie Eilish's reveal of her blonde hair.

  • A picture of an egg.

  • Rapper Tentacion's final post before his death.

Social Media

You got out of 5
Few Likes
Social media logos

You're not really a big fan of social media. Your screentime is reserved for other things!

You got out of 5
Social media logos

You occasionally take a look at social media, but you prefer to be busy with other things. Nothing wrong with that!

You got out of 5
Social For Real
Social media logos

Social media is pretty fun for you. You like to keep up with your friends, but you prefer to see them in person.

You got out of 5
A Social Butterfly
Social media logos

You aren't just on one social platform. You're on lots! It's where you get all your news! Make sure you see people for real too though. 😉

You got out of 5
You're Trending!
Social media logos

You love social media, and spend loads of time on it whenever you can. Just remember to balance it out with other things.

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