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As you head out to meet friends, you feel hungry. Do you grab:

  • An apple.

  • A chocolate bar.

  • A sugar-free can of juice.

  • A biscuit.

What's your favourite thing to watch?

  • PE with Joe Wicks.

  • Whatever YouTube recommends for me.

  • Strictly Come Dancing.

  • Any reality TV show.

You love to listen to:

  • Anything calm and chilled.

  • Dance music. The faster the better.

  • Something with a pop beat.

  • The radio.

Your favourite subject at school is/was:

  • Anything that gets you outside.

  • Whatever gets me moving.

  • The last one of the day!

  • Lunchtime.

Your favourite clothing to wear is:

  • Anything with trainers.

  • Jeans and a t-shirt.

  • A jumper to stay cosy.

  • Shorts and a hoodie.

How active are you?

You got out of 20
Sofa King
Guy relaxing on sofa

You prefer just your thumbs to be active, whether it’s on your phone, TV remote or joypad.

You got out of 20
No Running Please
Guy in tree

Activities like walking are okay, but you don’t like doing exercises.

You got out of 20
Staying Fit
Running shoes on beach

You like to do exercise to keep fit, but you like doing other things too.

You got out of 20
You Never Stop
Woman on rock with arms outstretched

You love being as active as possible. Even when you are playing games, it’s something that keeps you active.

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