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We’re used to learning in a classroom. It’s where our teacher is, and all our classmates. But recently learning from home is something we’ve all had to get used to.

Some people like home schooling. Others really don’t like it. What you think about it will depend on a lot of things.

How you like to learn is going to decide whether you learn well at home. If you find you work and learn better in person and with others around you, home schooling could be difficult.

It could also depend on how easy it is for you to set up learning from home. Perhaps you don’t have a proper desk or much room to work. Or it could be that your internet connection isn’t great, and everything is really slow.

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Other people find they relax more when learning from home, making it easy for them.

Learning from home or on your own is something that you may have to do again later in life, such as studying for exams or if you go to college or university.

Whether you love it or hate it, here are a few tips we’ve pulled together to help.

Make A Space

If you do have room to make a learning space, then doing so will really help you focus. Get yourself set up the way you want, with everything you need in the right place. You can even decorate your space with some of your favourite things, such as a pictures or a desk buddy or mascot.

Create A Routine

Experts think that our minds work better when we get into a routine, which means doing the same thing over and over. So find one that works for you, and stick to it when you are learning. It could be a song that you listen to before you start, or the order you do things before you settle down to work. Whatever works, do it again!

Set Goals

You’ll already have some goals set by your teacher, like completing homework by a certain day. But think about your day, and break it down into sections. What do you want to achieve in each section? Your confidence will build as you tick each one off, making you feel nice and productive!

Plan Ahead

When you know what your goals are for the day, create a plan for your day. For example, if something you have to do is going to take a while and is a bit tricky, plan to do it when you are most awake. And if you know something is going to be a quick and easy job, consider doing it towards the end of the day or just before lunch.

Take A Break

It can be hard to work in the same place you live. Make sure you take breaks from time to time and get up from where you work. Give yourself a stretch, talk to someone in your house or get outside for some fresh air. You’ll feel much better when you do come back to your work.

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Learning at Home

Learning at Home


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