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Can you tell what is real online and what isn’t?

It’s easy for people to put something that isn’t true online. Or to make something seem better than it actually is.

People put up fake news stories to see if people will believe them. Others only post when things are bright and shiny, creating a fake image of what their life is like. And that can lead to people feeling pressured to be like that too.

Here’s some things to think about when you are looking at what people are posting.

Who Is Posting?

Always check to see who is sharing any news story that you look at. Just because your friend has shared the link, does that make it true? Look at who has posted the original link and ask yourself if they are a source you can trust.

Is It All A Little Too Shiny?

If you look at a celebrity’s lifestyle online, you probably think that they are having an amazing time.

“If you’re online and you see somebody, you might think they have the perfect life. They’re only going to post the good stuff but it makes you feel bad about yourself as you think ‘wow, they’re so much better than me’.” Omima, aged 10

Remember, this isn’t what their life is really like. It might be like that sometimes, but they still have to do a lot of normal, boring things too.

If you are going to follow people who always post pictures of them ‘living their best life’, make sure you don’t forget that it’s not like that for them all the time. Just like it isn’t for you either.

Is It Selling Something?

Sometimes you’ll see posts that seem normal, but are designed to encourage you to buy something, without you realising they are doing it.

Ask yourself – is what I am seeing really just a sneaky advert?

Investigating What You See Online

Investigating What You See Online


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