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Being anxious about your body is completely normal.

Your body will change as you get older, and there will be times that you might be worried about how you look.

Comparing Yourself To Others

If you are unhappy about your body, it can often mean that you won’t want to meet with your friends, or take part in an activity such as sport, in case someone says something.

This can be made worse when you look online to see lots of people that everyone seems to find beautiful, that look nothing like you.

If you spend a lot of time online, it means you could end up seeing lots of people who you compare yourself to, including your friends, celebrities and influencers. This might leave you feeling unhappy or anxious. Focusing too much on how you look can also lead to developing a serious illness like an eating disorder.

Top tip

“It’s so important to immediately tell a parent or someone you trust.” Ailie, aged 10

Ask advice from an adult you trust if you’re worried about your body image or physical appearance. Speak to someone you trust – perhaps someone at home or at school. Just talking to someone can change everything in any situation.


“If you’re online and you see somebody, you might think they have the perfect life. They’re only going to post the good stuff but it makes you feel bad about yourself as you think ‘wow, they’re so much better than me’.” Omima, aged 10

Remember that beauty and normal are whatever you make them. Everyone sees people differently, and some will find things attractive that others don’t.

Celebrate yourself for who you are. It’s why people like you, and will build your confidence and self-esteem. You’re amazing!

How Can Body Image Impact You?

How Can Body Image Impact You?


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