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Social media platforms allow you to speak to people whenever you like, no matter where they are in the world.

It’s a great chance to stay in touch with friends and family.

But it can also be somewhere that bullying takes place. Now that there are lots of social media platforms to enjoy, and we can all look at them on our phones, online bullying is on the increase.

You usually have to be a certain age, often 13, to use lots of types of social media. Those are the rules set by the platforms. But when you sign up you also agree not to bully or abuse anyone. Yet sadly, that still happens.

It can leave you feeling hurt or upset. You might lose your confidence. But there are some things that might help.

Think About What You Post

Before you post, think about whether there is any chance that someone might use it as an opportunity to pick on you. If you think there is, or you aren’t sure, why not share it privately with your friends, so only they can see?


If someone keeps leaving nasty messages on your profile, unfollow or stop being friends with them. Then make sure your privacy settings are on so they can’t do it again.

Contact The Platform

If you think someone is bullying or harassing you, get in touch with the social media platform and ask them to look into it. Each platform has rules on what to do about bullying, and will look into it for you.

Top tip

“Don’t be scared to tell an adult if someone is being mean to you online.” Tyler, aged 10

Walk Away

Taking a break from social media can be a good thing. Why not give yourself a social media holiday? Or if you really don’t enjoy being on it, get rid of it altogether? Your true friends will still stay in touch with you in other ways.

Bullying On Social Media

Bullying On Social Media


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