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Playing games should be something you do to have fun and relax.

But it doesn’t always work that way. Bullying happens in games in the same way it happens on social media and in the real world.

Top tip

“Never hide the fact someone’s bullying you. Online bullying hurts. It really hurts. It doesn’t end well for anyone.” Abbie, aged 10


Bullying can take lots of different forms in gaming.

Someone might call you a name, swear at you, or say something negative to try to get you to react. They could make up a rumour about and start spreading it or ask for/ share personal information about you.

You might end up playing with a griefer, who could gang up on you in the game or leave just you out from what they are doing.

It’s all a form of bullying. And it’s not right.

Avoiding the Bullies

It’s not easy to not get upset when it happens. But try not to retaliate, and ignore them if you can. If the bullying is verbal, turn off your chat or block the bully, so you don’t have to hear them.

Or why not try playing a different game or take a break from the one you are getting upset about? Or find a different set of people to play with in the game you like?

Top tip

“If you think gaming is causing you to feel angry, take a break.” Aeren, aged 10

If none of this works, speak to a trusted adult and tell them what is happening. They can help you report the bully to whoever runs the game, and let them sort them out for you.

Bullying in Gaming

Bullying in Gaming


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