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Having dealt with an eating disorder for several years, social media definitely perpetuated the patterns of behaviour and thoughts that stopped me from getting better.

Constantly seeing other people’s posts and comparing myself to them was actually really dangerous for my mental health, and although these are just peoples highlight reels and photos are often edited, that didn’t mean they had less of an effect on how they made me feel.

I then decided I had to make a change if I wanted to have any chance of really recovering. I went through everyone I followed, and if it was someone that I negatively compared myself to, then I simply unfollowed them, or if it was someone I knew in real life, then I muted their posts.

I tried to switch these accounts out with more body-positive content and ‘real’ images that actually made me feel good about myself.

This has massively helped in my recovery and also how I feel about my body and it’s something that I genuinely would recommend to everyone. 


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