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Hi! My name is Annabelle Brockwell, I’m a 25 year old Visual Merchandiser and Digital Creator from Edinburgh, Scotland.  You’ll most likely have come across me on TikTok, where I often share content of beautiful scenery around Edinburgh, styling up the latest trends into outfits or brunching with friends (and their dogs!). Like a lot of people, I have good days and bad days with my mental health so here are a couple of ways I’ve learnt to pick myself up and get myself back on track…

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My own recommendations:

Podcast – How To Fail by Elizabeth Day

Listen on Apple Podcasts
Mamma Mia Dance Workout video

YouTube – Mamma Mia Dance Workout: Full Body Workout

Watch the workout video here.

I love going to spin classes, at either my gym or at the local leisure centre. It really helps me switch off from the outside world. Virtual workout classes on YouTube are equally as good and are also a great money saver! This is my favourite YouTube fitness video.

Headspace ‘Sleepcasts’

Take a look

When my mind is racing and I’m struggling to sleep these ‘sleepcasts’ are a great option for calming me down and helping me doze off.

Mind yer Time recommendations


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